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I am a 50 year old Man, Husband, Father diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM) as well as crippling anxiety, panic and depression.  This is my unmasking as I have never talked openly about my conditions beyond my immediate family and closest friends.  The lack of speaking about my conditions is because I have always felt a sense of embarrassment combined with the knowledge that unaffected people do not understand these conditions. I feel some relief when talking to my family and physicians about my issues because they know me and get what I am going through.  To read that others are going through the same things brings some relief knowing that I am not alone.  I have always been one to help people and lend a compassionate ear to those in need even while I myself may have been struggling.  Therefore, if sharing my story here helps others know that they are not alone then I will know that I am doing what I can to help others. I am hoping this blog will be a great help to the readers as they hear how I cope with the day to day challenges, find therapies that work, and some that don't.  Join my Facebook group so we can share stories together and support each other through this journey in our lives. This is my story....

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