I Have Fibromylagia, Now What?

When my wife mentioned to me that she though my symptoms sounded like fibromyalgia, I immediately went to google to look it up.  One by one my symptoms seemed to match every items that was listed on the sites I found.  After years of going to doctors, and having blood tests, cat scans, MRIs, and physicals, no one was able to tell me what was wrong with me.  But now that I seemed to zero in on something more specific I focused my attention on getting to the bottom of what I was feeling by bringing these findings to my rheumatoid doctor.

That was it.  She diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, gave me a prescription for Lyrica and sent me on my way.  Another medication to try to end my pain and fatigue.  Sadly this medication failed me just like all the others.  Side effects.  They suck.  Not everyone can take medications.  I’m one of those lucky folks who if you list 20 side effects, I will have all 20 and then throw in a few more just for fun.

That’s my story in a brief summary.  I’ll share more of my journey with you over time.  You will also hear from my wife, who will share her side of my story.  What it is like living and caring for a spouse suffering from chronic pain, fatigue and mental challenges.  We hope our story will help you learn more about this vague disease and bring more light to what you may be experiencing.


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